Awaking everyday to an absolute sense of freedom is something that is difficult to explain. To know with a knowing beyond the knowing that you, with absolute certainty, are unapologetically yourself?… harder yet. What I can say in complete candor:

We live in a world that wants to create us rather than learn us. We live in a world where you are criticized for being you and praised for following the path of least resistance. We have become tolerant as women of this society of the required suppression of our truest selves in order to protect not only us but all that we love. . . . I am here to tell you - this is not my world.

I am here to enlighten you to the opportunity to be different, to be elevated. I am here to show you how to become your truth. I am here to free your soul and guide you towards the confidence to live the way you were intended… in your Truth.


Become Your Truth July 13th - 15th

Become your truth is a three-day event created for the simple purpose of connection, understanding, and embracing inner-truth. This women-only weekend is designed specifically and intentionally with love and careful strategy to open your mind to what could be! See we believe any and all things are possible. We believe that there is more to this life than the monotonous day-in, day-out, and repeat. We honor you for the person that nobody sees. We believe that you have Divine Right to be happy, and the Divine Order to find that happiness being YOU.



Yes all progress, breakthroughs and shifts are scary! So let's release these reservations with some details!FIRST – This is your safe place! Miss Jordan, Special Expert Guest Speakers, and Truth-Living volunteers will be with you every step of the way and facilitate your journey to spirituality, empowerment, and most importantly your TRUTH!

You will be received by and connect with women who are in the same tug-boat as you! These women too, want to get their sails up and hit the open water! This like-minded and heart-warming environment will be more judgement free than the planet fitness!


Become Your Truth was not an event that could happen just anywhere. Understanding the peace and connection required for this kind of soul work, we knew there could be no other. We will be hosted by the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort on the Santa Ana Pueblo. The Tamayan Indian reservation is located North-Central New Mexico, along the infamous Rio Grande. Showcasing their ancient culture and traditions, the Santa Ana Pueblo has created the perfect location to relax or explore the region. The serene music, spirit animals, and cultural surroundings will aid you with the ability to truly connect and understand yourself.

  6:30 pm - 9 pm

Truth and Light Wine Night presented by Miss Jordan is a special VIP addition to the event! Enjoy wonderful wine and tappas on the gorgeous mountain-front veranda underneath the New Mexico Sky! Here you will meet Jordan, your speakers, and other attendees. We kid you not when we say, this will put your mind at ease! We will be giving away amazing prizes, and you'll have the option to participate in some speed-friending activities! You will also have the opportunity to join us after for some bonding and expansion by a traditional bon fire where we will listen to an authentic Indian story-teller underneath the stars!




  7am - 8am

Start off with optional Yoga in the beautiful Hummingbird Garden. The sounds of nature and birds flying by as well as the warmth of the New Mexico Sun, will kick off your journey to freedom. Movement and meditation will ground you in your mission to connect and understand.


   9am - 5pm

Let FREEDOM ring! Kick off your growth and let your soul open to an elevated way of being! Participate in both written, and interactive activities. Be awed by our guest speakers, and fall in love with your most inner self! Embrace your own journey or connect with like-minded women. Nothing is forced and all shifts will be at your own place. No pressure, just pleasure. There will be bathroom breaks as well as a one-hour lunch break where you will have the opportunity to explore all of the wonderful cuisine options at the resort. You are on your own for this, so find what your heart desires! Session will end at 5 so that you may process and re-set your senses for the amazing night ahead!


  7pm - 8pm

Glamorous cocktail reception to mingle with all of your old friends, as well as the new amazing souls you have now connected with! This will be your opportunity for professional pictures and letting loose in your brilliance!


  8pm - 10:30pm

We will welcome you to a beautiful dinner reception with exquisite food and a lot more fun! Experience the excellent service of the resort staff while you dine and laugh with your newly opened-heart! Enjoy 2 hours of phenomenal Live Music that will heal and/or light-up your soul! Retire to rest and recharge before embarking on your final day of the retreat!






  7am - 8am

Start your final day off with another heart-opening yoga session, and set your intention for your day and newfound life!


  9am - 1pm

Experience more inspirational speakers and gain the support and empowerment you need to proceed! Our closing session will capture the essence of what this mission is all about and give you a new sense of self-worth to carry with you in your everyday life. Gain clarity and focus on your dreams and ambitions, and secure your dedication to yourself. Say so long to your soul sisters and prepare for your new life of TRUTH.


Anyone staying post-session on Sunday is invited to take advantage of the generosity of the Tamaya with special discounts on amazing activities. Enjoy a hike through the trails at the base of the Sandia mountains, take an art or pottery class, rejuvenate your body with a day at the spa, hit the golf course for a round of play, or experience horse-back riding through the pueblo!



Become Your Truth General Session


VIP Wine Night


Become Your Truth Ruby Fremon

Ruby Fremon

Coaching the New Generation of Thought Leaders

Ruby is the coach for the new generation of thought leaders. As a Top Breakthrough Coach for purpose-driven leaders who are ready to bring their big missions into the spotlight, her no-bullshit approach ignites true transformation, while flipping fear into actualized ambition, and doubt into absolute confidence.

Ruby works with leaders, from artists to entrepreneurs, who are ready to rise above their limitations and amplify their message. Coaching 100+ clients, she’s a catalyst for change and is hugely successful at helping her clients embody radical resiliency and an unstoppable mentality.

Named “An Inspirational Woman” by The Huffington Post, founder of the Self-Love Tribe®, and creator of the three-day change catalyst bootcamp, Amplified Soul Live, Ruby’s bold, no-nonsense approach helps leaders rise up to fulfill their missions and make their voices heard.

Learn more about Ruby at or follow her online @iamruby.


Monique Benabou

After many years in the pop music industry, season 2 Voice alum and Artist activist, Monique Benabou decided to shift her focus to sing and serve a bigger cause with her music. As a pioneer and leader within the conscious music movement. She has gained international recognition for her sultry gifts and breakthrough songwriting, most recently as a finalist in the Global Talent Competition, MEGASTAR & in a Pepsi Cola national artist spotlight feature. Monique offers her gift of awakening healing, within us all, by inviting us to fully surrender to our own magic and ability to love and heal.

In addition to her musical gift, Monique facilitates powerful workshops and coaching courses which support throat chakra & personal truth activation by focusing on language, frequency & deliberate creation processes.

“What leaves our lips is sacred, for our words create worlds”.


Become Your Truth Monique Benabou

Become Your Truth Monique Benabou

Genieve Sanchez

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Director
Creator of Athlete’s Angle LLC. (Lifestyle Public Figure, Graphic Design and Marketing Consultant)

Genieve Posen is native New Mexican that balances her passion of wellness, life and love with her marketing career at a top commercial real estate company.  Her grass roots approach to living with purpose and reaching your potential through hard work and focused discipline is highly influenced from her rural ranching background.  Being a competitive athlete for over 20 years has taught Genieve some hard but valuable lessons of self-love and true strength and it is her passion to share those experiences with other women.  

Genieve encourages women to clear out the physical and mental clutter in their lives to achieve clarity – a useful tool that many women desperately need to regain in their lives. A landscape architect and urban planner by education, her “master plan” perspective helps to look at the bigger picture of living life with the right attitude.  Where the mind goes the body and spirit will always follow. Life is a process and learning throughout the journey and enjoying the many milestones along the way is where we find our flow.

Let me just take some wild guesses…

Pit in the bottom of your stomach? – YES! Your intuition is telling you that this is a chance, and chances are intimidating!

Choke-up in tears, or frog in your throat? - YES! Your TRUTH is ready to come out! Tired of being suppressed, and is saying "Let me out! I want to be expressed!" –

Absolute excitement and adrenaline rush? YES! You have been on a path of growth and self-development and you were brought to this page for a reason… Divine is inviting you to follow through with your mission!

Feeling like "this sounds fun, but I won't fit in"? - YES! That's a hell of a thing for you to say keeper of the Universe? Oh wait you're not! Give the Universe a chance to guide you and create a space where you belong!

Thinking "I am so set in my ways, don't think I can learn more" or "I don't like women" – YES! You have been living in the alternate world formed by our society of greed, criticism, judgement, and lack. This is your opportunity to find out if you can have a new reality, one where you are TRULY happy and fulfilled!

Reasoning… "This is exactly what I need, but will I be able to afford it?" YES! You are acting on your own instinctual limiting beliefs and a mindset of lack! This is one of the barriers will be bust through during this special weekend! On top of that – the pricing is insanely reasonable for all walks of life considering every-single-amazing detail included in this special weekend! Worth it!

Jumping up and down with a FUCK YES!? YES! Welcome BABY! Let's rock it!